Troglo for Univerisities

Modernising the way you and your
students discuss sex, sexual health, and
causal relationships.

How will Troglo work with your university?

By making Troglo available to your students they will be able to access
personalised sexual health and wellbeing resources. Students will have the
flexibility to choose what they need and can be guided to the necessary
support you or your specialists offer.

Our goal is to make sure no student
falls through the cracks,
no matter how the circumstances.


The standard Troglo platform is available for free to all, and so is accessible for anyone who attends your institution. Users have access to standard logging, insights, and risk analytics functionalities.



Troglo can also offer service integrations for your institution. These include the ability to securely and anonymously message at-risk groups, as per your defined criteria. Troglo Companion enables a more tailored student experience which expands and compliments your existing resources.


We know every university is as unique as the students that attend them, and so we also offer a fully curated platform. This is a two-fold approach consisting of advanced support for your students and their sexual wellbeing needs, along with macro insights to help preempt and prevent potential issues on campus, and guide your services accordingly.


Key Benefits

Explore the solution transforming sexual wellness


decision making

When presented with easily accessible and consumable resources individuals are far more likely to make more informed and less risky decisions.


Personalised and
trusted support

Our platform adapts to the individual’s needs and in doing so can become their trusted and always to hand resource in these complicated matters.


Secure & confidential

Sexual health and wellbeing is delicate and difficult for many of our users, and so we go above and beyond to keep them safe and facilitate your duty of care.

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