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  • What is Troglo and how does it work?

    • Troglo is a platform designed to maximise your sex, safety and satisfaction. We help you find and utilise applicable resources to facilitate improved sexual health decision making.

      We do this by providing features allowing you to log activities and interactions. These are then automatically and anonymously analysed to be presented to you as your Troglo score and personalised insights. That’s the simple bit.

      The more personalised element is up to you and what you want to get out of Troglo. We’re working on ways to best support you, and creating new features to do so, but we know this is different for everyone. Let us know if you have any feature requests or ideas to help us better support you. Shoot us a message at

  • Why does Troglo matter?

    • There’s a big difference between understanding a subject and relating to it, and an even bigger gap between relating and acting on knowledge.

      Troglo sits on this intersection, and helps to facilitate each of these elements. The reason this matters is because nobody lacks easy access to empowering information, and healthcare in many sectors does not currently facilitate this.

  • How do I use the app?

    • We wanted to keep it simple so there’s only really 5 steps:

      1. 1. Download the app
      2. 2. Have some “fun”
      3. 3. Log that “fun”
      4. 4. Receive Troglo insights
      5. 5. Rinse (this step is very important) and repeat at your leisure
  • Are Troglo scores diagnostic?

    • No. Nothing apart from a verified STI test from a registered clinic is diagnostic. The Troglo score is intended to aid conversation and understanding, not as a source of medical instruction.

  • Why should I take the time to log Sexual Activity?

    • Obviously this is your decision, and you can still get a lot of value out of Troglo without logging activities. However, functionality within the platform and its benefit to you dramatically increase as you log interactions. Doing so allows for the personalisation of your resources and insights, while simultaneously improving the accuracy and availability of your service recommendations.

  • How does Troglo calculate the Troglo score?

    • You want to know the secret sauce? Well it’s one part user interactions, three parts peer reviewed studies, and 2 parts industry insight (though there’s obviously far more to it than this).

      The score itself is not a fixed scale; it adapts and changes over time in a similar way to an individual's perception of sexual health or mental wellbeing. If you’d like more information regarding how your personal score is derived get in touch with us at

  • Is Troglo a paid subscription?

    • The core Troglo platform, for individual users, is free to use and always will be.

  • My Troglo score is low and I’m a little concerned. What type of help can Troglo provide?

    • If you're worried then the Troglo score isn’t doing it’s job. It’s designed to encourage positive behaviour, and nudge you in the right direction. Remember it’s not diagnostic, it’s indicative.

      The best thing to do is to look at insights and alerts to see what behaviours are being flagged if any. After this if you’re still concerned you can have a look at these resources or get in touch and let us know how the score is making you feel and why at

  • What is “fun”?

    • Interesting question, as a rule:

      1. - Fun = Fun
      2. - However, “Fun” = Sex
  • What steps does Troglo take to secure my data?

    • We understand that your data is important, and value the trust you place in us to hold it. Ensuring we meet the standards you expect is a big deal and keeps us up at night. That’s why we ensure your data is encrypted on your device, in transit, and at rest on our servers.

  • How is my data managed?

    • Troglo takes the management of data very seriously. For this reason we ensure your data never leaves our control and there is strict control over who has access to your data.

  • How do you use my data?

    • We work with trusted partners such as sexual health clinics and universities by providing access to anonymised sexual health data. We never transfer your data out of our control - in practical terms this means that when a partner interacts with data that they do this by creating workloads that run in a locked down environment with no internet access. This means that you can rest assured that these partners will never have direct access to your data nor any access to identifiable information about you.


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