Diversity, Inclusion, and Your Brand in 2020

Life’s too short to build a brand nobody wants…


Since the turn of the century, one of the biggest changes that we have seen is the rapid acceleration of globalisation which in turn has led to shifting demographic profiles. From a branding standpoint, this means that companies need to form compelling, but more importantly, inclusive brand stories that can engage, attract and retain their target audiences.

However, when speaking of inclusive practices the buck simply does not stop at race i.e. hiring individuals from BAME backgrounds to portray users of a product in advertisements is not enough. Inclusivity means a brand that transcends geography, race, gender, and any physical attributes or capabilities to ensure a true representation of intersectional audiences. As the reputed inclusive designer Susan Goltsman put it:

“Inclusive design doesn’t mean you’re designing one thing for all people. You’re designing a diversity of ways to participate so that everyone has a sense of belonging.”

Troglo was founded on the core philosophy that sexual health is a fundamental human right. Since the topic of sexual health is avoided, and even considered taboo in many instances, a range of misconceptions has been proliferated. This can be damaging to people still seeking to understand their bodies and their attitudes towards sex. Adopting a non-judgmental approach with an element of humour, we want to facilitate access to open conversations around sex that are truly available to all.

“Building beautiful brands is easy, building the right brand for the right people is challenging.”

And this starts with our brand at Troglo

Redefine Brand Guidelines

To ensure that content is accessible by everyone regardless of their device or any disability they may have, we have implemented the AA Colour Contrast Guidelines across all of our external collateral. When we believe and advocate that sexual health discussions should be open to everyone, it is only fitting that our app can be used by everyone.


“To meet W3C’s minimum AA rating, your background-to-text contrast ratio should be at least 4.5:1"

Troglo Cantaloupe Colour

By using colour contrast analysers and plugins designers can alter any of their initial colours making them accessible AND remaining on-brand.

Create Strong Messaging

While conversations may range in intensity and direction, discussions on the topic of sex can be distilled into three core tenets: (i) the act of having sex, (ii) how to optimise and/or maintain sexual satisfaction, and (iii) how to stay safe in the process. Troglo’s messaging is directly reflective of these tenets while utilising a mix of calming, neutral colours and imagery to promote safe fulfilling sex.


Inclusion on External Marketing

As noted above, diversity by way of representation is not the be-all and end-all. However, it is and will always remain an important point of consideration, particularly in multicultural societies where audiences cannot be defined by one race, gender or sexual orientation. Our social media page is specifically curated keeping in mind the diversity we want to attract at Troglo. It’s not just good marketing sense.